We do

Web Design/Development,SEO/Host Consulting,Computer Repair,English-Khmer Translation/Editing and Teaching,U.S. Visa Consulting

Name: Megan Tee

Profile: Creative Director

Email: Megan@MeganTee.com


Master Divinity 100%
Education and Religion 100%
About me

“Words, websites, stories; we all have the power to forge connections across boundaries, borders and oceans.”

Skills and Accomplishments
Native English speaker, conversationally fluent in Khmer. Significant experience in graduate-level editing papers and theses in English. Fully licensed teacher in the state of Minnesota. Five years of experience teaching in English during undergraduate program and beyond. Developing experience in design, marketing, and branding through graduate degree.

Education: Concordia College; B.A in Education and Religion, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Master Divinity.

Name: TEE Bros Sieng

Profile: Web Designer & Developer

Email: TEE@MeganTee.com


HTML 85%
CSS3 75%
PHP 50%
About me

“We are not very far from each other; we all live on the same planet. We are one human family.”

Skills and Accomplishments
Experience in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Focus on frontend development, developing knowledge of backend and full stack. Proficient understanding of SEO, hosting, cross browser support, and the latest Bootstrap updates. Highly proficient in creating responsive website designs to adapt smoothly across multiple platforms and all main web browsers. Four years of experience teaching computer skills while employed as the Principal of an Institute in Cambodia. Four years of translation/interpreting experience while in Cambodia

Education: Online classes in coding, University of Cambodia; B.S. in Information Technology, Lutheran Theology Seminary, M.A. in Diakonia.


Profile: Marketing Manager

Email: inquiry@makingiteasycambodia.com

Phone: +855 85 914 201


Master of Development Management 100%
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries 100%
About me

“I see challenges as opportunities for growth. Language should never be a barrier between people who want to learn from one another.”

Skills and Accomplishments
CEO and Founder of Making It Easy makingiteasycambodia.com; small business with both local and international connections devoted to helping expats in Cambodia begin their own businesses. International experience in business, marketing, social based development work, and entrepreneurship. International Human Rights and Peace Builder at the International Works and Youth Camp in Lebanon. Professional interpreter/translator for numerous organizations and business teams in both Cambodia and abroad. Native Khmer speaker with professional English training in both the U.S.A and Canada.

Education: Asian School of Development and Cross-Cultural Studies; Master of Development Management, Phnom Penh Bible College, Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries.


Profile: English-Khmer Translatior and Editor


Leadership and Christian Ministry 100%
English Literature 100%
Bachelor of Christian Ministry 100%
TV and Studio Programming 100%
About me

“I see challenges as opportunities for growth. Language should never be a barrier between people who want to learn from one another.”

Skills and Accomplishments
Experience editing photos, video, and audio for efficient attractive advertising. Significant experience in teaching in both English and Khmer at the international school level. Experience coordinating TV programming for international church mission. Experience and education in translation and editing work for schools and students at the university/Bible school level.

Education: ACTA University Norway; Leadership and Christian Ministry. Cambodia University; English Literature. Phnom Penh Bible College; Bachelor of Christian Ministry. High Bridge International School, TV and Studio Programming. Ouy Linda Computer School, Photoshop and Office Program Essentials.


Web Design/Development

Looking for a clean, sophisticated design for your church’s website? Or hoping to update your old one? We specialize in designing websites just for your church or nonprofit! We will work with you to develop a website that matches your church’s unique brand, message, and style.

SEO & Host Consulting

We set up SEO for your website, we are teaching your website how to communicate with Google to say your website is very important and should be given priority in Google searches.
Choosing a domain name? We can help! Don’t know where/how to host your site?

Computer Repair

We have been fixing computers for over 15 years.
Set up and installation, File Recovery, Back up and Storage, System Clean up and Restore, Buying a Computer or Build a Computer from Scratch! Not satisfied with anything on the market?

English-ខែ្មរ Translation, Editing & Teaching

We will ensure fluid translation of your English website into Khmer. We can assist you with translation of any part of your Western or English-based advertising into attractive, efficient Khmer script, with attention to Cambodian perception and understanding.

U.S. Visa Consulting

We’ve been through the process, we understand what it’s like! We will help you gather together supporting documents, fill out the paperwork, guide you through the financial requirements for immigration, file your visa papers, and help you develop an immigration timeline so that you know when to expect movement on your case.




U.S. Visa

We met while studying at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Hong Kong. Shortly before Megan returned to the U.S.


5G Tech

Let’s talk about 5G. It’s the big buzzword these days; and consumers have been promised it will be the next big innovation


Pixel 4

Google’s Pixel phone lineup is special. It always has been and it always will be. Pixel phones never sell anywhere near as well as